Welcome to the Nanophotonics, Sensors and Devices Laboratory

The Sirbuly research group is interested in exploiting the unique optical, mechanical and electrical properties of nanoscale materials to develop novel integrated systems for various applications including sensing, biodiagnostics, energy conversion, and spectroscopy. To undertake this objective we rely on a highly interdisciplinary team that works at the interface of materials science and engineering as well as chemistry and biology. We are actively involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process of new devices and materials including synthesis, fabrication/integration and characterization. Currently we have projects involving photonic waveguides, nanostructured piezoelectrics and plasmonic nanomaterials.

*** We are always looking for talented and motivated students with strong backgrounds in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Engineering! ***


latest news:

Sep 2nd, 2014 / Publications: Our investigations into the mechanical properties of polymeric monolayers on common surfaces is presented in Soft Matter : Quantitative mechanical analysis of thin compressible polymer monolayers on oxide surfaces
Sep 2nd, 2014 / Publications: We have demonstrated the feasibility of printing piezoelectric heterostructures in ACS Nano: 3D Optical Printing of Piezoelectric Nanoparticle–Polymer Composite Materials
Mar 29th, 2013 / Publications: Our work on a nanofiber-based molecular ruler is published in Nano Letters: Nanofiber Near-Field Light–Matter Interactions for Enhanced Detection of Molecular Level Displacements and Dynamics
Dec 9th, 2012 / Publications: Ilsun's work on profiling the evanescent field of nanofiber waveguides is published in Nanoscale: Profiling the evanescent field of nanofiber waveguides using self-assembled polymer coatings
Apr 3rd, 2012 / Publications: Ilsun's work on nanofiber junctions is published in Nano Letters: Stimulus-Responsive Light Coupling and Modulation with Nanofiber Waveguide Junctions